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PFI Signs Plus invest in UV gel printer


Canon Colorado 1650 UV gel wide format printer

As part of the PFI Group’s company policy to invest in ‘green’ printing technology at both local and national level, they have recently invested in one of the most desirable...

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Cloud based “Roland DG Connect” service area expanded


Man holding a smart phone with the Roland DG Connect app on the screen.

In addition to the existing English and Japanese languages, the service now supports Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean, and has expanded coverage to Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and...

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HP explains the technology behind Latex ink.


HP Latex printers in a showroom

Thom Brown, HP's Chief Inkologist, discusses HP Latex: what it is; how it works; and what are the key benefits.   

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Nazdar announces UK/EMEA availability of 566 Series of solve…


New Nazdar 566 Series designed specifically for use in Oki™ Colorpainter M-64 LCIS Digital Printers using Oki WX IP6 Inks.

Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the UK/EMEA availability of its 566 Series of Digital Imaging Inks, designed specifically for use in Oki™ Colorpainter M-64 LCIS Digital Printers using Oki WX...

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The Pacer 4008 routerHeavy-duty Pacer routers, part of the range of CNC routers supplied by AXYZ International, continue to have a strong presence in the key markets for which they were designed, says the company. These include the sign making, plastics fabrication and panel processing sectors. The machines are 'renowned for their outstanding build quality; reliable performance; and cutting accuracy'.

The Pacer series offers a choice of three models, ranging from the 4008 with a processing area of 1524mm x 1219mm. To the top-of-the-range 6020 with a processing area of 2159mm x 6096mm. All of the routers are built on a single-piece, stress-relieved, heavy-duty steel frame. This incorporates a fully-zoned aluminium vacuum bed with either manual or automatic switching. The steel gantry runs on high-quality linear bearings; and is driven on both sides of the machine by servomotors, coupled through planetary gearboxes and the latest helical rack and pinion drive system. This key design feature enables more even distribution of the workload to be achieved via the multiple gear teeth configuration; as well as enhanced cutting accuracy, reduced material wastage, and a longer machine life.

Pacer CNC routers are ideal for 2D and 3D routing, engraving and cutting of a wide range of materials to accommodate multiple applications, says the company. The materials include solid and composite woods; acrylics and plastics; aluminium sheet and aluminium composite materials (ACM); and other non-ferrous metals and foamed boards.

For a limited period, AXYZ International is offering a huge discount (up to £7,500) to owners of Pacer routers who want to upgrade to a new Pacer or AXYZ router. This initiative will also enable access to new production tool enhancements. These include an expanded (up to 33 stations) Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility; the new Auto Zone Management facility that makes sure the material being processed is always held securely throughout the cutting cycle. And the latest A2MC machine control system that greatly reduces or even eliminates “bounce” and vibration caused by sudden acceleration and/or deceleration often experienced with other control systems.
A further option on all Pacer machines is the new AVS (AXYZ Vision System) which is fully compatible with all of the cutting tools used on AXYZ International machines, to enhance cutting accuracy.

Pacer machines, complemented by those in the AXYZ and Z series, can be seen at the new showroom and demonstration facility at AXYZ International’s new headquarters on the T54 Business Park in Telford.