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SEAL 54 EL - New entry-level roll laminator less than £4000

The SEAL 54 EL entry-level roll laminator.SEAL Graphics, the specialist mounting and laminating division within Neschen AG and an international leader in the image finishing market, has extended its machine range with the launch of the entry-level roll laminator, the SEAL 54 EL.

The new model allows printers and finishing houses new to film mounting and laminating to enter this sector of the finishing market at minimal cost while still enjoying all the benefits of the SEAL brand in terms of quality of production, performance and ease-of-use.

Equipped with all basic functions, the device is perfectly suited for the professional application of high-quality finishing and protective films, as well as double-sided adhesive films.

Thanks to the well-proven technology built into the machine, two silicone rollers provide a high level of uniform quality. This powerful model reliably processes pressure-activated materials up to a thickness of 25 millimetres. The maximum width is 1400 millimetres while the working speed can reach four metres per minute.

"With this new machine, users obtain everything they need for the professional finishing of various types of materials," stated Frank Seemann, marketing and communication manager for the SEAL brand.

In the UK, the new model is priced at just £3958.

SEAL has a comprehensive range of protective, finishing and mounting films in its product portfolio which can be viewed online at www.sealgraphics.com or alternatively UK readers can telephone 01268 722 400.

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