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Street Graphics Film - Avery Dennison brings a new dimension to road graphics

Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics film applied outsideNew patent-pending Avery® MPI 6121 Street Graphics film brings graphics applied to roads, pavements, and other rough surfaces in exposed outdoor environments to a higher level. With a paint-like finish for graphics printed with digital UV inks, Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics film delivers a genuine technology advance.

Its on-the-street performance is not limited to pedestrian pavement applications; on the road itself, it can withstand the constant pressure of vehicle traffic for up to three months. Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics film is a next-generation product for all kinds of outdoor promotions, for example at sporting and retailing events, trade shows, where heavy traffic may be expected.

The non-PVC Avery MPI 6121 facefilm delivers an innovative engineered approach to floor graphics. It features the ability to 'micro-fracture' in order to conform effectively to very rough surfaces. It also permits moisture to be channeled through the substrate, minimising slip hazards; and, at just 40 micron thick, it virtually eliminates the likelihood of edge lift.

A non-glare, matt finish means that Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics film offers eyecatching, high-quality graphics using digital UV-curable inks, graphics that will last for up to three months exposed to road vehicle traffic, and up to six months exposed to pedestrian traffic. The film requires no overlamination, and meets international slip resistance testing standards. At the end of its working life it can simply be removed with a standard high-pressure washer.

Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics film is available from Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Products distributors across Europe, full details are available via the website www.europe.averygraphics.com

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