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World's largest digital flatbed printer, the Dip-Tech AR18000, driven by SAi's print-to-finish production software

Dip Tech flatbed printerSA International (SAi) has announced that its award-winning PixelBlaster print-to-finish production software has been bundled with the world's largest digital flatbed printer, the Dip-Tech AR18000 digital ceramic in-glass printer.

Dip-Tech has set a new world record for printer size with the AR18000; an achievement officially recognised by Guinness World Records in the category 'largest digital flatbed printer'.

The Dip-Tech printer is 18m (59ft) long - more than double the length of Dip-Tech's next-longest printer. It can print a single pane of glass with a total area of up to 64m2 (688.89ft2). Typical applications of digital ceramic printing include color-printed architectural glass for exterior projects, as well interior usage and transportation glass.

Covering pre-flight to production, SAi's PDF-based PixelBlaster is an end-to-end software that is designed to 'reduce bottlenecks, streamline workflows and increase profitability for users'. SAi and Dip-Tech already enjoy an established collaboration, which saw SAi develop the exclusive PixelBlaster Dip-Tech Edition software to specifically address certain characteristics and challenges of Dip-Tech's in-glass printers.

As Dip-Tech's technology uses naturally pigmented ink and therefore doesn't use the CMYK colour set (instead using orange, red, blue, green, black and white, as well as any required special spot color), PixelBlaster is used to match the designer or architect's CMYK files into language the Dip-Tech printers understand.

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