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Smart phone pouches

A selection of printed phone casesTheMagicTouch has a new range of universal pouches for all smart phones, including the iPhone 7.
The high quality 3.5mm rubber compound with a white polyester jersey surface and heat-resistant thread offers a "superb printable and durable surface for transfer personalisation".

With lots of different brands and models in circulation, the pouches simplify the product offering, says TheMagicTouch. Protecting phones with pouches continues to grow in user popularity over the previous “model specific” case options. The new generation of smart phones that incorporate crystal glass and curved screens, reduce the options for personalisation. This again confirms the pouch as an easier and more cost effective option, according to the company. The pouches combine functionality and great protection.

Available in three sizes to accommodate all past, present and future models including the new Samsung 7 range and the new Apple iPhone 7.


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