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T.One™ from TheMagicTouch

t-shirts printed with transfer paperTheMagicTouch introduce a new and unique transfer paper that is considered a “game changer” for the image transfer garment decoration business.

The new T.One™ transfer is a “one-step” coated paper for use with the TMT/OKi white-toner printers. The paper involves no cutting, weeding, and more importantly leaves no residue on the finished garment or textile. The product has been marketed over the past four months to the existing “White-Toner” users in over 25 countries, and has been an "outstanding success".

T.One™ transfer paper enables the user to print full colour (including white) designs to any pastel, white or non-dark garment/textile regardless of colour or composition. This includes cotton, polyester, denim, soft-shell, polypongee and most performance fabrics.

The new paper is an addition to the existing transfer paper range and complements the existing “two-step” WoW transfer process that continues for all black and dark colour garments/textiles, due to the higher white opacity requirement.

The T.One™ process is quick and easy with heat press application as low as 140°c to avoid any scorching or heat press marks on the garments. The printed transfer is then sealed using the supplied silicon sheet for outstanding wash durability and great feel, says the company.

The TMT/OKi white-toner printer with the incorporated SpaceControl RIP software offers a vast range of product applications onto many different substrates including dark mugs, PU surfaces, metal, wood, board and even human skin.

TheMagicTouch also offer metallic foils that are applied direct to the printed T.One™ transfers. This enables complex and detailed metallic effects to be produced easily, and again removes the need for any cutting or weeding.

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