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The new EngravaLab G+ module

EngraveLab software packages are recognised world-wide for their all-inclusive feature sets providing engravers with all the tools required in a single, easy to use software package. The software also includes a large library of engraving-specific fonts and supports third-party fonts. Versatility at its best with complete design and production tools for laser as well as spindle-based engravers. EngraveLab Pro enables engraving business and other users to address the widest variety of production workflow requirements all in a single software package.

EngraveLab 10’s versatility means that it supports most popular makes of engraving machine and now with the latest release into the engraving market, the G+ module, enables direct output to Gravotech devices from its industry-leading line of engraving software, EngraveLab v10. Feature packed with text composition, design and automation production tools that provide engraving businesses with the ability to produce a wide variety of products efficiently and easily. EngraveLab Expert also includes complete Braille layout and design tools featuring the latest braille translation libraries.

The EngraveLab G+ module supports virtually all Gravotech / Gravograph (including their cup and tankard machines) USB as well as serial devices and when added to EngraveLab Pro or EngraveLab Expert software packages provides a complete design and production solution to users.

EngraveLab has supported Gravograph serial machines for over 10 years and now with the addition of the G+ module supports Gravograph / Gravotech USB binary machines as well.

The implementation of the new G+ module means that machine users can use the one familiar software package on all their machines, eliminating the need for extra training on software that can often be over complicated and very expensive. The G+ module enables the user to leverage the advanced design and production features included in EngraveLab software by adding the EngraveLab G+ module to the EngraveLab Pro or Expert packages. 

Quick Glance Features:
  • Regular software upgrades available at reasonable prices.
  • Ability to use third-party software.
  • Immediate access to 1000+ fonts including single line engraving- specific fonts.
  • USB as well as Serial devices supported.
  • User-friendly intuitive interface reduces learning curve and reduces possible errors.
  • Onboard device laser pointer supported.


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