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Recreative Signs shows the power of great vehicle graphics

A van with smart vehicle graphics
The finished article once Recreative had cleaned and wrapped it
A van with basic livery
How the Knight Support van looked when Richard first saw it
A van with vehicle graphics by the Angel in Hove
Lynne from Knight Support with Richard from Recreative Signs
Brighton-based Recreative Signs has provided a complete graphics overhaul for the van of Knight Support, a charity that provides sleeping bags, clothes and other non perishable essential items for Homeless people.
When Richard Earley first saw Knight Support’s van, he was unsure of what was going on. When he researched who they were, he wanted to help them better communicate what they were doing. As a donation, he added their logo, web site and description to their van, as well as giving it a good clean up! “It needed more information on it to say what ‘Knight Support’ do. Vehicle graphics aren’t just about looking good, they are also there to help organisations communicate who they are and what they do.”

Lynne Knight, founder and co-chair of Knight Support says, “This was such a kind thing to do and also incredibly helpful for the charity. We have only ever had our name on the van, which made it harder for Homeless people we are trying to help to see who we are. It also meant that people passing by didn’t know who we were or what we were doing – which also meant they didn’t get the chance to offer us help and support if they wanted to.”

A chance encounter

Richard explains, “While driving home one day, there was a gathering around a white van which had just two words ‘Knight Support’ in red letters branded on it. There were a few people in hi vis jackets and a large amount of people queuing up in front of some trestle tables. I was curious as to what this was so when I got home, I looked them up.”

He found that Knight Support are a charity that care for Brighton and Hove’s homeless by offering warm food and drink as well as handing out clothes, toiletries, sleeping bags and tents. “I was truly inspired by the thoughtfulness of this group of volunteers,” says Richard, adding, “Those people wanted to help others in whatever way they could.”

He continues, “This showed me that we are all human and for many of us, there is always the chance that life can hit you hard. You can fall on bad times for any number of reasons, losing your job, a partner’s death or a break up, or growing up without family support. It could be alcohol or drug related, but whatever the reason people still need help and guidance to get support, food, clothes, a roof over peoples heads and the chance of something better for the future.”

Lynne concludes, “Awareness is critical for our charity and we are so grateful Recreative Signs has designed and created such great vehicle graphics for us. They are even helping us by designing and producing banners and signage for a charity event we are hosting soon. Good signage is important, but it’s not always something that a small charity like ours can easily invest in, we like public donations to be spent on Homeless people in need. What Recreative Signs are doing for us is hugely appreciated.”


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