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SignTrade letters launches ReadySign system for 'instant' signage

SignTrade Letters has launched an innovative all-in-one sign system called ReadySign.

ReadySign is an innovative product offering a complete and instant signage manufacturing process for SignTrade's existing lettering system. This comprises an aluminium composite box supplied for the signage lettering complete with wall bracket. This makes for ease of use, instant results, hassle-free yet perfect results and cheaper installation costs. In short, it provides what every sign-fitter and retailer wants - signage, at the ready, and at a fraction of the cost of normal sign installation.

The lettering can employ SignTrade's unique chrome lettering, ChromaSign or any of its other lettering products. The ReadySign box frames are made to order and are fabricated from a single panel, grooved to provide the 3-D frame, from material that is aluminium coated with a polyethylene core. This makes the box-frames lightweight yet durable.

ReadySign is hugely versatile as it is available in a range of colours: blue, red, yellow, green, black, mirror and brushed aluminium effect and can be covered with plain or printed vinyl of your choice.

Operations Manager of SignTrade Letters, Daniel Oliver, said: "I am not aware of any other complete sign system currently on the market. By providing a one-stop-shop for shop-sign fitters, we are offering a service that is efficient and cost-effective as it cuts down on expensive on-site labour costs and eliminates the risk of signage failing to fit. With ReadySign, we can even mount all the letters for you so you just take it out of the box and fit it. With this system, the exercise is perfect every time. Often, the fascia is the last thing that a retailer or other business owner considers.

"The last minute rush to find lettering from one source, the backboard from another and labour to complete and install the job often produces a major headache for a business owner. With SignTrade's new service, such problems are eliminated".

SignTrade, a BSGA member, also produces moulded and flat-cut letters and can produce illuminated signs. All products are manufactured at its London factory. For further information about all SignTrade Letters' products and prices, visit www.signtrade.co.uk or call 0500 456700 and speak with Daniel Oliver, Operations Manager or Richard Woolff, Managing Director.

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