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RI-Pellent 'shield' for your digital prints

RI-PELLENT synthetic gloss filmIf you need to combine wide-format inkjet cast, polymeric and monomeric vinyls to create a customised image design with a wide life span and anti-graffiti features, Ritrama say they have the solution. RI-Pellent is a synthetic gloss film with a thickness of 30ยต. It offers a high level of transparency and is 'ideal' for the over lamination of media that have been digitally printed with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inks. Or for lamination on curved, corrugated and molded surfaces, where the material's high conformability makes it the 'perfect choice'.

The product name makes reference to its unique and exclusive performance criteria: it does not only offer a shield against UV rays, but also protects against aggressive substances, according to Ritrama.

This product has been specially designed to "repel" a variety of agents, such as solvents, varnishes, oil and fat and to protect against scratches, which makes it i'deal' for decorative outdoor applications. This material also has high resistance to very high temperatures.

The adhesive is a solvent based acrylic offering hygroscopic resistance and performing exceptionally well on glass where regular cleaning is required. They claim the overall maintenance cost is reduced by at least 40 per cent thanks to the "repelling" properties of this material. RI-Pellent must be applied by experts or professional applicators in this field: it can also be wet applied.
Typical applications for this product are historical sites, gas stations, signage towers, outside walls, waiting rooms, elevators, external window glass and many more.

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