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New from Orafol

ORAFOL Reflexite VC612 filmVisit the ORAFOL stand at this year's Emergency Services Show to see the newest Ariel Atom 3.5R model, complete with police livery film. Standing just 3.4m long and 1.2m high, the Atom weighs just 612 kg. No roof, no doors, no windscreen, no carpet, no heater, no stereo but 'max speed and fun', the Atom was chosen to head up the latest safety awareness campaign for Safer Rider. The Atom was chosen as it is the most bike-like car on the market with its slim and sharp profile.

Sergeant Andy Parsons who heads up the UK Safer Rider campaign, says: "In the UK motorcyclists make up just 1 per cent of total road traffic but account for nearly 20 per cent of all road user deaths. They are roughly 35 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic collision than someone in a car. We really want to create awareness in order to see these numbers reduced."

But what's it got to do with ORAFOL? They are the manufacturers of VC 612 Flexibright, the livery film used on this car. ORAFOL's Reflexite® VC 612 is a 'highly conformable high performance' reflective livery film. It has very high brightness and is available in silver, green, blue, red, yellow, fluorescent lime and fluorescent orange. Its unique handling allows it to conform to the demands of curved vehicle shapes. Due to its flexibility, it is also ideal for application onto motorbikes. This flexible property also allows for templating using far fewer pieces, with single piece removability where applicable.

VC 612 is easy to cut, requires no edge sealing and withstands power washing. It comes with an extensive warranty and meets the UK CAST (formerly PSDB) specifications.

Also from Orafol

Orafol translucent film for backlit displayGerman based Verseidag Indutex GmbH is one of the world's leading companies in coated fabrics and high quality innovative technical textiles.

Together with Verseidag ORAFOL has introduced a unique product combination with ORACAL® 8500 and 8800 combined with Seemee® II and IV for premium backlit banner signs. The new system utilises the translucent films from ORAFOL in combination with the flexible translucent Seemee® substrates from Verseidag.

Evelyn Zocher, Sales and Marketing Director of ORAFOL's Graphic Products Division, says: "By combining the translucent ORACAL® film with the Seemee® system, we have managed to come up with a finished material for backlit systems which beats any existing product in the market both when it comes to UV resistance and general durability. In addition, the material has been certified according to DIN 4102 B1, for fire resistance."


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