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Polymation - the next generation of image transfer

Laser Printer The digital image transfer process pioneered by TheMagicTouch has become an integral part of the sign industry worldwide, enabling users to print onto a multitude of products and substrates with one-of-a-kind results.

Polymation™ is the next generation of image transfer and stems from a significant breakthrough in polymer dry-toner technology developed and adopted by most manufacturers of toner based colour copiers and printers. Polymation™ enables printing onto products and items that do not require any special coating or polyester content, thus making the polymer, pigment and catalyst as the all-in-one transfer solution.

TheMagicTouch transfer papers have been re-engineered to incorporate a new catalyst within the transfer paper coating providing the ultimate compatibility with all dry toners available. All laser or LED copiers and printers use CMYK process-colour dry toners instead of inks, and are compatible with the Polymation™ printing process.

TheMagicTouch offer professional solutions that are easy to incorporate into an existing business with low entry level investment. This year has seen “barriers removed” for the printing of non-white garments and textiles with the new “award winning” WoW transfer paper for application on 100% cotton, nylon, denim, leather, neoprene and polyester.

The company also recently introduced improved 6.2 and 6.4 versions of the versatile CPM transfer paper suitable for the transfer of full colour images to a wide range of non-porous, non-coated substrates including ceramics, plastic, metal, glass, acrylic, magnetic, wood and a new range of Unibind folders and binders.

Sign companies benefit from TheMagicTouch to enhance and add value to customers. By simply producing a personalised product sample pays massive dividends especially when clients are least expecting a “freebie”, and constitutes cost effecting marketing.

For details on digital printers available from £499, heat presses, sublimation and comprehensive range of textile films and foils call 0044 1582 671444 or visit www.themagictouch.co.uk

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