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Adding 'vibrancy' to signs and graphics

Graphtec polydrop 3D-doming on a motor bike tank. Graphtec-polydrop-3d-doming-system

Thanks to Graphtec GB you can add 'brilliant' three-dimensional special effects to signs and graphics using the PolyDrop 3D doming system supplied by them. Using this system with a Graphtec vinyl cutter also provides sign and graphics producers with a 'fast and cost-effective' route to the potentially lucrative print wear and promotional products sector. Here there is a huge demand for special effects and from which vital new revenue streams can be introduced, according to the company.

The PolyDrop doming system dispenses specially engineered polyurethane resins and hardeners to a wide range of substrates; such as acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminium, and aluminium composite materials used in mainstream sign making. As well as a vast range of fabrics and textiles used for soft signage applications like flags and banners and for customised work, sports and leisure wear and fashion accessories. The Text Drop feature of the system uses a thermo-adhesive film onto which an image is printed, cut out and then domed with a choice of resin, including a special glitter-effect option, with an industry-standard heat press used to speed up the doming process.

Polyurethane resins are extremely flexible in application and provide a high level of resistance to pollutants, abrasion and UV degradation. They are also completely safe to handle and apply and are available in a range of different grades to suit specific applications. The PolyDrop system is 'easy' to operate and requires no special training or user skills. It is supplied with a start-up kit that includes both manual and automatic feed functions, polyurethane doming resins and hardeners and a special liquid dispenser.

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