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Transparent coloured overlaminates from Avery Dennison

A car wrapped in colourful film A close up of car part wrapped in film

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions recently launched new transparent coloured overlaminates for Conform Chrome™ films. The overlaminates are available in three colours; orange, green and purple, to combine with the five existing Conform Chrome colours.

"Avery Dennison developed a new innovation with coloured cast overlaminates to complement our Conform Chrome films," says Oliver Guenther, marketing director, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Europe. "We are the first to market a coloured cast overlaminate film designed specifically for vehicle wraps, and are excited to see the installers' creative colour combinations."

When paired with Conform Chrome, the overlaminates create "more than just additional colour options". Together, the films offer a multi-layer functionality that protects the chrome film from being scratched or damaged. With the trend for chrome finishes gaining popularity, the new product allows installers to offer even more creative solutions, says the company.

"The transparent coloured overlaminates are a jaw dropper and definite conversation piece," says Eddy Speelman of ModiForce in the Netherlands.
"I am getting such a positive response to the colours made possible by these transparent green, orange and purple overlaminates. I'm constantly finding myself in conversation about how amazing the colour looks."


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