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Four new films in Solar&Safety range

windows covered in safety filmAPA expands its Solar&Safety range with four new films, which "combine innovation and top quality, the features that have distinguish the products from the Italian manufacturer".

SF/WI-550 and SF/WI-650 are two new self-adhesive films that filter the sunlight while maintaining visibility and illumination inside the rooms.
SF/WI-650 is specifically designed to be applied on shop windows. Because of its special blue hue and high transparency, it filters most UV rays without altering the colours of the goods displayed, and keeps it well lit inside.

SF/WI-550, with a light champagne colour, is highly transparent. It is also "extremely efficient" at reducing heat, as well as filters UV rays.

They also present SF/WX-911, a self-adhesive reflective film for glass, which improves privacy and appearance. Due to its reflectivity properties, it "significantly" reduces heat transmission and blocks almost all of the UV rays. This reduces excessive overheating inside the rooms, says APA.

The growing need for protection has inspired APA to create a new version of the Safety line, the clear, safety self-adhesive film SY/W2-175. It makes glass safer by holding fragments or splinters in the event of breakage. A glass protected with this film is class 1B1 certified according to EEC standards. SY/W2-175 also has had anti-scratch processing that facilitates cleaning and preserves its transparency over time.

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