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Lintec Graphic Films launches new non-PVC dry-apply film

adhesive film stuck on glass partitionNew 'dry' adhesive film solution for Point-of-Sale (POS) and retail markets can be applied by end-user without need for installation specialist

Aimed at the POS and retail markets for short-term promotional campaigns, RePop is a non-PVC dry adhesive, 50-micron polyester film that is designed to replace traditional 'cling' PVC window film. Addressing the quality and application issues associated with traditional PVC films, RePop is Lintec Graphic Films' 'easiest film to apply to date'. It removes the need for professional installation or removal, while retaining the quality, durability and green credentials that Lintec Graphic Films' Vitrocolour range is know for, according to the company. Also, the film's paper release liner means that can be used for screen or digital print.

"RePop enables the end-user to apply the optically clear film themselves," says Andy Voss, Managing Director, Lintec Graphic Films. "This flexibility and efficiency provides them with enormous scope to rebrand and refresh their campaigns as often and as quickly as required with a high quality promotional glass manifestation product that really stands out. When they want to change the display, the film seamlessly peels off."

Voss said: "We have always been advocates of non-PVC composition films because of their print quality, durability and eco-credentials. The development of RePop reflects that. Unlike PVC films, it is polyester-based with superior dimensional stability, so it doesn't shrink and curl as result of exposure to external elements (such as heat from the sun). While it has been designed for quick installation and removal for reactive/quick turnaround promotions, the reliability of this film means it can stay up for as long as required without any visual or physical erosion."

"Because of our R&D, our wide range of PVC-free media is a market leader for corporate branding, privacy, decoration and advertising," said Voss.


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