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Awltech PVC-bending machine

A model of the PVC bending machineA new PVC-bending machine has been added to the range of specialised plastics fabrication, flame and diamond-edge polishing and heat-bending solutions supplied by Awltech. With many new features, the semi-automatic AFF machine will help speed up the processing of a wide variety of plastic materials, such as PVC, PMMA, PP and PS, used in the sign manufacturing and plastics fabrication industries, says the company.

Key design features of the machine include an adjustable working height function; a powerful vacuum hold-down facility that keeps the material being processed firmly in place during the heating, bending and cooling cycle; and an integrated clamping bar in the upper frame of the machine housing an electronically-controlled heater. This is fully adjustable to control both the level of heat generated and the heating time required using a foot-operated switch. The AFF is also supplied on a purpose-built wheel-mounted table to be manoeuvred easily.

The thickness of the materials that can be processed ranges from 0.2 to 1.5mm, while the angle of the bend is adjustable from 0-180 degrees. The material being processed is contact heated using a Teflon-coated sword that is easily replaceable to accommodate different-sized profiles; and to enable the radius of the bend to be varied to meet specific requirements. Single or multiple sheets of material can be processed simultaneously by the machine.

The AFF PVC-bending machine can be viewed at the Awltech showroom situated in the Omni Business Centre on the Omega Park in Alton, Hampshire.


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