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Flexible, magnetically-receptive self-adhesive films

Hand writing on board covered in filmASLAN has launched its new range of FerroSoft films, with three new magnetically-receptive solutions that are particularly user-friendly, says the company.

The new films are “extremely soft and flexible”, which make them easy to apply. Another benefit is that all three finishes can be stored and transported in a rolled-up condition. The self adhesive ferrous films come with three different finishes: digital printable, whiteboard and anthracite coloured.

The new FerroSoft films can transform any smooth substrate into a magnetically-receptive surface, like the existing ferrous films from the ASLAN memo board portfolio. The flexible films also lend themselves perfectly to creative customisation, says ASLAN. They can be cut to any imaginable shape or size, and can be used as organisational boards, communications surfaces or even background graphics for magnetic, changeable advertising messages.

magnetic letters stuck on whiteboardFerroPrint ASLAN FF 480, the new printable variant in matt white, can be printed with solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curing and even latex inks. This means any desired printed image can be made magnetically-receptive. Combined with ASLAN’s transparent blackboard and whiteboard films, printed graphics can also be written on with chalk or whiteboard markers.

The new FerroSoft Whiteboard ASLAN FF 550 film, in glossy white, offers a ready-made two in one solution, which combine the magnetic function with the ability to be written on and wiped clean like a whiteboard. This lets users create a high-quality, multi-functional communications surface in just a single pass. The anthracite-coloured FerroSoft ASLAN FF 410 film is designed to be freely combined with other self-adhesive films, which creates customised whiteboard, blackboard or coloured surfaces that are magnetically-receptive.

The new self-adhesive FerroSoft films conform to REACH and available immediately in a 12m x 1.01m format.


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