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It starts with the finish!

a cut square piece of perspexComplete CNC Solutions attended this year’s Sign and Digital exhibition where they debuted their Protek Unico TT production router and print-finishing cutter.

Visitors to the Complete CNC Solutions stand got to see a demonstration piece created that showed the "extraordinarily high quality" the Protek Unico TT produces straight off the bed, without manual intervention or finishing. The sample piece was produced using Perspex Glass-Look 6T21 from Perspex Distribution. It comprised engraved lettering, profile cutting, bevelling and finishing cuts all produced in a single, hands-off workflow on the Unico TT.

The finished samples were variously compared to, and confused with, laser-cut and flame polished output. They were of course neither, the Unico TT is a router, but clearly not like any other, says the company.

The demand for the sample ran Complete CNC Solutions’ supply means they almost ran out, but it’s available still for examination and will be sent, free of charge, to anyone who enquires using their email address.

The Unico TT was also demonstrated performing its advanced print finishing capability and output samples, cut to tight register tolerances using a combination of knife cutting and router-slotting. Parts were automatically registered using the system’s Visiotek registration system and, again, the quality of edge finishing attracted nothing but praise for the system, they said.

Throughout the exhibition, the Unico TT "performed flawlessly and impressed all who saw it with its speed, quality and with its clean operation". The system helps bridge the gap between lightweight dieless finishing systems and traditional computerised routers which lack the accuracy and versatility to do what the Unico TT does effortlessly.


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