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Vivid debuts pneumatic wide format laminator

Close up of the machine showing the words Easymount airLaminating system manufacturer Vivid Laminating Technologies has a new wide format laminator called The Easymount Air.

This "revolutionary" product in the wide format lamination has a patented system developed in-house by Vivid’s design team.

Vivid’s technical manager Gavin Ward said: “The new Easymount Air range is a breakthrough product in wide format lamination. The air pressure that controls the roller allows you to mount and laminate with incredible accuracy. Our patented technology allows the roller to ‘float’ and lock in place. No other pneumatic wide format lamination system can achieve this.

“Other pneumatic wide format laminators lack any precision. Their rollers are either up or down, there’s nothing that controls how much actual pressure is being applied. Exact pressure is essential, as foam boards and Corex can be crushed and glass sheets cracked.”

Vivid’s award-winning Easymount Wide Format Laminators are exported to over 50 countries throughout the world and are used by sign makers, vehicle graphics firms and wide format printers.


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