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Vectric launches Aspire 8.0

Vectric LogoVectric Ltd. announced a major new release for Aspire, its flagship design and CNC-machining software program. Aspire V8 includes significant enhancements and completely new features for the drawing tools, 3D modeling functions and toolpath creation, according to the company.

New design tools such as the Vector Texture creator make it 'easy' to generate patterns for unique wave based textured wall panels or create realistic, easy to machine ‘grain’ backgrounds for sign making.

Creation of a 3D layout is even more interactive, they say, with Aspire gaining the ability to edit objects directly in the 3D view. This gives instant feedback on design changes, allowing faster creation of a finished assembly of components. There are also improvements to sculpting and smoothing for 3D shapes; and a shadow shading option to further enhance the visualization of the part.

The program has had an additional 150 3D models added to its Clip Art library bringing the total to over 1400 files. There is a new set of over 100 software tutorial videos using real-world follow-along projects; these provide over 35 hours of training material.

For the CNC side of the program there are additions to many of the toolpath strategies to increase flexibility and finish quality with options such as ‘Last Pass Allowance’ when profiling; and ‘Pass Depth’ control when pocketing. The new ‘Merge Toolpaths’ function allows multiple machining operations to be combined into a single path, to optimise time and allow for individual parts to be removed from the machine as they are cut. The new Setup Sheet option generates a summary of a project’s setup and toolpaths as a reference document that helps to reduce the chance of making a mistake when cutting the job.

Brian Moran, Vectric’s Managing Director said: “The development team have added genuine productivity enhancing features as well as augmenting existing tools to make them even easier to use. The reception from our users to the new version has been extremely positive and with our free trial version, anyone who is interested can try it for themselves before upgrading or buying a new copy.”

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