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Gripping displays!

This year, Yorkshire based display product manufacturer Stock Displays, have broadened their inventory to include a variety of banner stands, banners and stock colour snap frames.
The most 'striking' new addition is the Grippit® Range. These frames consist of slats and a rubber section allowing notices or tile signs to be positioned without pins or magnets.

Stock Displays have launched three products within the range, which allow messages and graphics to be 'changed with ease'. The Grippit® Wall Frame is perfect for indoor locations. The aluminium frame is slim line at just 16mm deep but durable. Its light weight frame attaches to the wall for an interchangeable yet cost effective display. The Grippit® Lockable Frame is housed within a robust Secure Lock Frame. These frames feature a 55mm wide, heavy duty profile and a high security lock and hinge system. The Grippit® Post Frames are 'perfect' for displaying posters and messages in public locations. These frames are also housed within the Secure Lock frames and along with the durable, 3m long aluminium posts these frames really stand out from the crowd.

The Grippit® system is 'particularly popular' for use in sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools. The pin and magnet free noticeboard is easily cleaned eliminating the risk of cross contamination when changing notices. Small parts such as pins and magnets can travel around in the soles of shoes and in the wheels of trollies spreading dirt to hygienic areas, these small parts can also present a choking hazard to children. The Grippit® system is fully self-contained, 'eliminating these risks'.

Damian Edwards, Managing Director at Stock Displays, said: "At Stock Displays we're constantly looking to give our customers new technology and products. The Grippit® Displays are superior to any other noticeboard system, they don't require the use of pins or magnets, they're really robust and extremely easy to clean. We've worked with numerous companies to provide our customers with a top quality solution at a rock bottom price. The Grippit® Range has already sparked a lot of interest and their future is looking really positive."


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