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New Corel® Painter® 2015

Corel has recently released Painter 2015, the latest version of its digital art software package. Known as the world's most 'realistic digital paint program, Painter 2015 'builds on this reputation' with revolutionary Particles Brushes, 64-bit support for Mac; and the new Painter Mobile app for Android. Artists can enjoy other new features that will enhance their workflow, such as Real-Time Stylus support, Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements and improved cross-platform performance.

"The new revolutionary Particle Brushes will change the digital art landscape," said Chris Pierce, Product Manager, Corel Painter. "Painter 2015 makes it easy for artists to create effects unlike anything they have seen before, with a simple brush stroke. With the improved stability and enhanced performance, artists can focus on their creative process, and forget about the technology."

New and enhanced features:

    Some of the new and enhanced features of Painter 2015 include:
  • Particle brushes: Uses the laws of physics to create, with a simple brush stroke, unique effects never created before.
  • 64-Bit support for Mac: Delivers major performance enhancements and options for Mac users.
  • Smoothing: Gives brushstrokes a more organic look by delivering natural-looking space and flow.
  • Cross-platform performance: Increases speed on both Mac and PC; brushes are up to six times faster and overall performance is 40 percent faster than in previous versions.
  • Custom user interface palette arrangements: Jump-starts the artist's workflow by displaying only relevant palettes and tools based on a specific genre of art (traditional art, photo art, etc.)
  • Real-time stylus and Windows tablet PC support: Allows artists to create on the go by combining their Tablet PC with Windows Real-Time Stylus; this is made possible by Intel's 2 in 1 technology.
  • Brush tracking: Adapts the program to the artist's specific style by applying the appropriate settings for individual pressure and velocity.

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