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3M’s new decorative glass patterns

close up of glass windo covered in film glass window covered in decorative film

Glass is an essential component in the design of today’s building interiors and office spaces, says 3M. It brings transparency, light and brightness to work and leisure environments. It also allows interior designers to “push the boundaries of their creative thinking”. But when working to a budget, it’s sometimes hard to find solutions to creative ideas that use traditional decorative glass finishes such as etched, sandblasted or textured.

That’s where 3M can help.

They have worked with interior designers and contractors over a number of years to develop a range of high quality films that mimic the aesthetics of natural and synthetic materials at a fraction of the cost: 3M Fasara Glass Finishes. Made from durable, flexible and removable polyester materials, these films are quick and easy to install to a variety of glass substrates and can be applied on-site with little or no business downtime. They are easy to clean and reduce glare while blocking out 99 per cent of UV light.

“We work closely with the international design community to create new and exciting, on-trend patterns,” says Boris Hartig, Portfolio & Channel Manager, 3M Window Films & Architectural Markets. “Later this year we will be launching 33 new designs, whilst expanding four of our most popular finishes to a width of 60 inches. This gives us a total range of over 100 glass finishes, each inspired by the differing requirements of our customers.”

New pattern categories include:

Fabric: addresses differing space requirements, from smaller fine weaves to larger, raw textures. They are also introducing a more sophisticated palette of metallic and pearl hues.

Natural: celebrates the ‘beautiful imperfections’ of nature and the artisan crafts.

String: described as ‘relaxed, soothing and subtle’, this pattern delivers uncomplicated elegance to your environment.

Geometric: created for those seeking a classic or modern theme, this pattern has both a feel of nostalgia as well as reflecting the growing influence of technology.

Gradation: adds subtlety and distinction to your space and is perfect for areas where you need high level light but complete privacy.

“We have also added new colours to the existing white, black, mirror and silver,” says Boris. “These colours include champagne gold, pearl white, a more brilliant silver and for the first time a transparent grey ‘smoke’.”

3M Fasara Glass Finishes are ideal for screening conference rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and glass partitions, bringing privacy and contemporary styling to your space, says the company.


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