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New product from ASLAN

lady writing on a glass windowASLAN recently launched EtchedBoard Dryapply ASLAN EBL 300, a glass decoration film that is unique in the market, says the company. The new PVC-film with an etched glass look offers two-in-one functionality. In addition to creating decorative privacy screen solutions, it can also be used for presentation and communication purposes, thanks to its dry wipe finish.

The film’s specially developed surface is suitable for all popular whiteboard markers. Writing can be wiped off with a dry microfibre cloth, without leaving any shadows or ghosting. Glass surfaces in offices, meeting rooms, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals coated with this translucent glass decoration film get an additional use, as it can be written on any time you like, as often as you like.

To ensure fast and bubble-free dry application even on large areas, the self-adhesive film comes with ASLAN Dryapply technology. This means bubbles can be wiped out with ease through very fine air release channels. Perfectly suited for cutting plotters, the glass decoration film can be customised and cut to any shape and size. The 80 µm thick, polymeric softened self-adhesive film is suited for long-term applications, yet can be removed even after several years.

The new specialty film is available in rolls of 50 metres x 1.37 metres.


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