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Innova have it fixed!

Signs fixed to a brick wallInnova Solutions, and its sister company NovaDura, will showcase a range of innovative technologies and products at this year's Sign & Digital UK.

New product developments include NovaWeld SignFix 8, a non-flammable, low odour, low shrinkage two part adhesive. It will bond nylon and acrylic locators and metal fasteners securely and reliably to ACM panels, without distortion or read through on the front face.

Innova’s Sales Director, Spencer Kelly, said: “The product has excellent impact and peel resistance, and was designed to bond the full range of locators and fasteners, whilst making sure that the finished sign or letter looks as designed when installed. This, coupled with the fact that the product is produced using low odour, non-carcinogenic monomers, re-enforces our drive towards more eco-friendly products.”

Bonding metals prior to powder coating has always proved a tricky dilemma for the industry, due to the inconsistent performance of both tape and adhesive products in the past. This has led to a reluctance by many in the industry to trust the performance of such products on a repeat basis, says Innova. So after extensive research, development and customer testing, they developed a range of both structural adhesives and high strength bonding tapes to reliably and consistently meet this criteria.

A group of people standing in a lineSpencer said: “When heat is applied, such as in a powder coat process to any tape or adhesive bond, the adhesive softens which causes the polymer chains to weaken and results in bond failure. Working with our manufacturing chemists and industry partners, we have done extensive research with both our NovaBond HT tapes and NovaWeld FLEX HT adhesives to deliver a reliable solution in both formats.”

NovaDura offer a cost effective alternative to vitreous enamel: the primaDURA aluminium range for signmakers, for when long term durability is required, rather than the traditional POP type products with a maximum two years longevity.

Gary Bradley, NovaDura’s Commercial Director, said: “‘Whilst we have been heavily involved in the heritage and museums sectors with our range of aluminium and high pressure laminates (HPL’s), finally after many years of research, development and testing we have now launched the only anti-vandal and anti-graffiti photoluminescent signage, primaDURA GLOW™.

“Since we launched at S&D in 2014, specifiers and architects have now recognised the primaDURA, ecoDURA and reproDURA brands and are now issuing tenders for same.”


Other products to be shown at the show

High temperature NovaBond tape – XS110HT
NovaBond SignFix XS110 HT is a heavy duty acrylic adhesive capable of bonding the most problematic of surfaces, both textured and uneven.
XS110 HT is the double-sided, heat resistant tape that you can rely on to withstand the most critical of tasks, says Innova. It’s been specifically formulated for bare metals and non-LSE plastics, with “incredible” bond strength for longevity.

High temperature adhesive – NovaWeld Flex 3HT
NovaWeld Flex HT is a range of two-part methacrylate adhesives, formulated for applications intended for the powder coating process. They can bond a wide variety of substrates without the need for surface primers or conditioners. The adhesive offers high functional tensile strength, which increases following an additional heat cure process.

NovaBond LSE 80 - Low suface energy double sided bonding tape
Materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene are low surface energy plastics. When you apply adhesives and adhesive tapes to them the surface resists. Instead of letting the adhesive spread and grip (a process known as ‘wetting out’), the substrate acts like a well-waxed car bonnet, encouraging the bonding tape to simply slide away.
That’s why a low surface energy plastic needs acrylic tapes specifically designed for the purpose.

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