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‘Supercharged’ interactive glass

two chairs in front of glass screen with picture playing on it Interactive glass in shop window

Seloy Live, who make interactive glass, is launching a full range of unique ‘supercharged’ glass products. Intended mainly for retail, corporate and public usage, their interactive portfolio embeds touch technology securely inside glass, enabling it to also function as a regular window when switched off.

Seloy Live’s SENSE is a combination of a transparent insulating glass unit and interactive touch surface. Available in any size up to 3m x 6m for indoor and outdoor use, with ‘true zero’ bezels (in other words, there are none), SENSE has a touch response rate of 5-20ms.

With interactivity secure within the glass, and can be customised to work across some or all of the total available area, SENSE is protected from vandalism and weather, and can be washed just like a regular window. Thermal insulation, sound reduction, fire protection and theft resistance functionality are all supported by Seloy Live, and can all be built in to the design phase if required. A non-interactive version with projection only, called SCENE, is also available.

Seloy Live SHINE is a customised mirror solution product that augments existing professional displays of any size. When the display device is switched off, SHINE functions and looks just like a regular mirror, but when the device is switched on, its content is clearly visible. The product’s semi-transparent mirrored glass can support up to 100 touch points with a response rate of 5-10ms, and is also available without touch functionality.

Seloy Live SHADE has electronically adjustable transparency via a separate circuit breaker, allowing the user to toggle between transparent glass and non-transparent opaque. Whilst a transparency dimmer function can also support up to six different opaque colour options.


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