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Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) signs

Vehicle Activated Speed signs (commonly referred to as VAS signs) are becoming increasingly popular on roads as a more ‘motorist-friendly’ advisory alternative to speed cameras that can reward good behaviour with positive messages, says Messagemaker.

Proven to reduce vehicle speeds by up to 15 per cent, and accidents on the road by up to 30 per cent, VAS signs are also an effective replacement for speed bumps. Bumps may be unsuitable in certain circumstances, for example, along bus and emergency access routes, and have recently been cited as a potential source of increased pollution, which contribute to poor air quality.

Low-cost, easy to install and with no maintenance required, VAS Signs are increasingly being used by local authorities. According to Messagemaker, their ability to be programmed offers a customisable solution to address local traffic issues, while enables safer road-sharing by pedestrians and drivers.

With a range of signage solutions available in different sizes and types, deciding which best fits your needs can seem daunting. To assist specifiers, Messagemaker have put together a download, which offers a guide to VAS Signs, their uses and their benefits in one easy to understand infographic.

“Whether it’s learning about the different types, the recommended sizes, or what power supply options they use, this infographic will answer your questions and help you make an informed choice that delivers an effective solution,” says a spokesperson.


Vehicle Activated Speed Signs

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