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Taking wayfinding to the 'next level'

A sign for the toiletsWayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people and animals orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place, says Vista System.

Vista System believe that wayfinding is an 'exciting business to deal with'. 20 years of accumulated experience in the wayfiniding business lead to the development of a flat, modular signage system called Vista Square. It was launched with a clear goal to 'lead the wayfinding market and to improve it'.

Vista Square sign system is flat and modular. "We strive to produce the best sign system possible by using state of the art materials and assembly methods. Our solutions run the gamut from flat wall frames, flat table signs, flat suspended signs, flat directory signs, flat poster frames and many other sign solutions. Custom made sign solutions for any project are offered as part of our services, unique as they may be," says a spokesperson.

Vista Square Wayfinding products are flexible and can be tweaked and designed to match any need.

Urban planner Kevin A. Lynch borrowed the term for his 1960 book Image of the City, where he defined wayfinding as “a consistent use and organisation of definite sensory cues from the external environment”.

In 1984 environmental psychologist Romedi Passini published the full-length 'Wayfinding in Architecture' and expanded the concept to include signage and other graphic communication; clues inherent in the building's spatial grammar, logical space planning, audible communication, tactile elements, and provision for special-needs users.


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