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Vista Slider Signs

A sign on a door with a person's nameVista System recently launched its Slider Signs, as part of its vision to 'provide a complete solution for any way finding project'.

Slider signs take account the needs of the workplace, such as office buildings, educational institutions and medical facilities, which can benefit from one sign that functions, with alternating graphics, as a multiple way-finding solution.

Vista Slider Signs have evolved quickly, says the company. At first it had simple slider sign with a top polycarbonate sliding element; then a fully finished aluminum slider extrusion, moving across the actual assembled sign. It culminated with a combination of a slider element, incorporated onto a sign frame, allowing interchangeable graphics on top; while the bottom slider provides the necessary “Occupied / Available” function.

The aluminum sign frames are strong, vandal-proof, easily maintained and require no special tools for mounting on walls, doors and various other materials, says the company. The slider element provides yet another personalisation element within a modular sign, and the aluminum frame provides just the 'right' background, without dominating the message.


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