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New advanced trough lighting promises to be brighter

ECOLUX LED lit sign Portland Lighting is introducing ECOLUX, a brand new, and what is claimed to be, the most technically advanced LED trough light of its kind in the UK.

At only 60mm diameter EcoLux still retains internal drivers overcoming the time consuming problem of having to house remote drivers. Walsall based Portland Lighting has drawn upon 17 years of expertise in the manufacture of sign lighting products to develop what it says is the brightest LED trough lighting system, with 85W per lumen output. Economy and running costs are king as well; at only 12.5W per metre EcoLux is 75 per cent cheaper to run than conventional fluorescent trough lighting.

Sales Director of Portland Lighting, David Harrison says: "The initial purchase cost can be paid back inside 14 months via energy saving running costs. The end user can then enjoy all the future maintenance- free and running cost benefits of the LED's 50,000 hour life, that's nearly 12 years of illumination at 12 hours a day."

Portland Lighting is primarily a lighting manufacturer to the sign industry, and most importantly for the new product EcoLux, Portland engineers designed a specialist magnifying lens to offer full optical control giving optimum and even illumination to all sign fascias. The result is a marked improvement compared to simply relying on putting in an LED tape inside existing fluorescent casings.

EcoLux has a sealed casing with drivers and LEDs rated to IP67. This quality assurance is confidently endorsed with a two year warranty. EcoLux is priced 25 per cent cheaper than Portland Lighting's, and the UK's, first LED trough light LEDLUX. This, together with its four way quick-fix brackets and next day delivery, can only mean a bright future for EcoLux and Portland Lighting.

Find out more at the website www.portlandlighting.co.uk or telephone 01922 721133.

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