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Neschen launch 'New Generation' protection films

A new water-based adhesive heralds the start of Neschen's "New Generation" of tried-and-tested premium surface-protection films. It is the result of years of continuous in-house research and development work aimed at supplying customers with top-performing products for their applications.

Neschen new printing films

The new water-based adhesive is said to offer superior adhesive power and noticeably improved water resistance. From now on, the protection films filmolux photo, filmolux satin and filmomatt, already established on the world market, will be coated with this modified water-based adhesive and marketed as "New Generation" filmolux photo gloss / satin / matt.

"This pioneering adhesive belongs to today's class of water-based acrylic emulsions," explains Dr. Werner Markiewicz, head of Research and Development at Neschen AG in B├╝ckeburg. "It opens up numerous opportunities for applications, which up to now, protection films with solvent-based adhesives have been selected. We invite each of our customers to put our new protection films to the test."

Thanks to its enhanced adhesive power, this water-based adhesive can now also be used on many types of media printed with UV-curable inks. To date, additional mechanical protection of UV-curable inks using water-based adhesives has proved problematic. UV inks have a coarse structure which means that water-based adhesives stick badly or not at all. This is now a thing of the past, since such adhesion is possible with the newly developed water-based adhesive from Neschen AG. In addition, it makes for immediate and brilliant lamination results with almost no silvering.

The excellent water resistance of Neschen's acrylate adhesive even permits exhibits to be erected outdoors for up to two years, without additional edge sealing. Where edge sealing is used for outdoor applications, this figure increases to almost five years - in the case of purely indoor use, film durability lies at up to eight years with guaranteed excellent optical characteristics.

The protection films are available in widths of up to two metres and with three different surface finishes. The glossy finish filmolux photo gloss, delivers uniform lamination results since a PE covering gives the adhesive an even structure. The surface of the satin-finish laminate filmolux photo satin, prevents unwanted reflections. The quality of the attractive matt finish of the new filmolux photo matt has been improved and enhances colour brilliance without excessive reflection.

For further information visit the website www.neschen.com

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