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New machine controller fuelling demand for AXYZ routers

Leading provider of high-performance routing solutions to the sign industry, AXYZ International, has reported a surge in demand for its machines following the introduction of the A2MC machine controller. In addition to providing existing AXYZ router owners with a host of new benefits, the controller is enabling the supply of customised routing solutions with the A2MC controller included as a standard feature and allowing online access to a wide choice of additional peripheral devices.

The A2MC controller is said to offer the highest possible control capabilities by comparison with any similarly positioned system. It delivers much faster and smoother motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories, leading to a significant reduction in 'bounce' and vibration caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration that is often found in other control systems. The controller is also fully NC code-compatible and will therefore work with all popular CAD/CAM packages.

A2MC controller

Since the system is network-based, it will connect to AXYZ router owners' existing networks for program transfer and for Internet connection to access software updates and so forth. The AXYZ routers incorporate a MODBUS network that enables connectivity with a virtually limitless range of devices, the ATC (Automatic Tool Change) and AVS (AXYZ Vision System) being good examples of these.

Other devices include tangential and oscillating knives, drill heads, automatic vacuum switching and twin or triple cutting heads. For AXYZ router owners, the learning curve for this latest A2MC controller is made easier since the system functions in a similar fashion to the existing AMC controller. This allows a natural progression for AXYZ customers who want upgrades or new machines. Furthermore, with the A2MC controller there are no limits to the size and complexity of the work that can now be processed. Tests on three-dimensional surfacing files in excess of 80MB have been carried out with no operational issues experienced. The A2MC is safely enclosed in the UL-certified (the trusted global source for product safety accreditation and compliance) machine control cabinet along with other electrical components and securely mounted on the machine frame beyond the production zone. This helps conserve essential workspace that would otherwise be taken up by a stand-alone control cabinet.

For further information, visit www.axyz.co.uk or telephone 01902 375600

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