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New Neschen coating process offers enhanced ink application

Banner A new type of coating process, developed by Neschen, now provides much better colour properties on digital printed media. As a result, a lot less ink is applied by inkjet printers to produce the same colour density. Alternatively, when using the same amount of ink as before, the colours will look even more brilliant and appear to have more depth and intensity therefore covering a much greater colour space.

"The greater colour space saves users up to 20 per cent in ink," remarked Dirk Peereboom, Senior Product Manager, Inkjet Europe at Neschen, when explaining the savings achieved and the increase in quality obtainable due to the new inkjet coating. "Another advantage is that, because less ink is applied, it dries much more quickly," he said.

The Neschen Easy Panels, which are ideal for a variety of display systems, are the first digital media to have the new coating. Other product groups are to be included in the near future.

Worldwide, Neschen supplies printable, coated and enhanced sheet media, such as plastic and paper foils, but also textiles for printing service providers. Photographers, interior designers, advertising agencies, architects and others can all draw on a vast product portfolio for any application. The German coating specialist is particularly well known for its jumbo-size media for large format printing.

For further information call Neschen UK on 07896 121977 or visit www.neschen.com

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