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Upgrade to Graphtec's latest cutters and get cash back on your old machinery

The latest Graphtec FC8000 models.Graphtec (GB) Ltd has launched a scrappage scheme to help signmakers and graphics professionals upgrade their cutters.

The new initiative means customers trading in their old CE or FC cutters for the latest model can receive up to £1000 cash back. The offer applies to the CE-60 and -120, the FC-75, -130 and -160 machines, with cash back amounts of £250, £600, £400, £750 and £1000 respectively.

Graphtec is guaranteeing these figures, regardless of the age or condition of the old machine, as long as it was manufactured by Graphtec and is in working order. The company is also offering cash back on selected cutters from other manufacturers, the amount being dependent on model and condition.

"This new scheme means more customers will be able to upgrade their equipment to keep ahead of the competition, which in the current economic climate could be the difference between a business succeeding and failing. We launched the cash back offer at Sign UK and it immediately generated a great deal of interest," says Phil Kneale, Sales and Marketing Director for Graphtec (GB).

Customers taking advantage of this offer could get their hands on one of Graphtec's latest FC8000 Series. These have a fantastic all-in-one cutter head that simplifies contour cutting of printed data, and supports additional applications to give higher productivity and reliability. They also feature Graphtec's proprietary ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System) with its four axis alignment that automatically compensates for more distortions than ever before.

Those opting for a CE cutter benefit from several features proven on the company's top end machines.

Stunning performance, Smart Feed auto material pre-feed function, and very competitive pricing, are among the qualities that make the CEs irresistible, especially as entry-level machines.

To find out how to trade in your old machine, contact Graphtec (GB) or your local Graphtec dealer, telephone 01978 666700 or go to www.graphtecgb.com

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