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MS Polymer adhesives for Sign Making: The Pros and Cons

Eurobond's MS Polymer adhesive options - QuickFix, a 2-part flexible adhesive and MS75 RapidFix
MS polymers are versatile, they can be painted once cured and are sandable, allowing for complete customisation of the signs

MS Polymers, also known as modified silane polymers or hybrid polymers, are a type of adhesive and sealant very similar to silicones however contain no solvents or isocyanates. They offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates commonly used in sign making such as metals, plastics glass and painted surfaces. Ensuring that signs stay securely in place!

Typically, MS Polymers offer excellent weather and UV resistance, making them suitable for outdoor sign applications and can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations without degrading. In the case of an environmentally sensitive application, MS75 RapidFix would be a great option to consider as it can be applied externally in any weather conditions. Even if the wall is wet due to rainfall, the adhesive shouldn’t have any issues bonding. Cure time can be a drawback with this chemistry, generally MS polymers need 24 hours for a full cure however MS75 has a much quicker cure time in comparison to most MS Polymers, curing in just 4 hours. Furthermore, it’s black colour means than it can be used on dark signage and offers no read-through.

MS polymers are versatile, they can be painted once cured and are sandable, allowing for complete customisation of the signs appearance and enable a smooth and polished finish to be achieved. Known for their flexibility and elasticity, bonds made with MS Polymers allows for movements & vibrations to the sign without cracking or losing adhesion. This flexibility however is not always considered a positive; sometimes more of a structural bond is required. Eurobond offer a MS Polymer grade which can deliver more of a rigid bond, Eurobond QuickFix. This is a 2-part chemical cure adhesive, unusual for an MS Polymer as they are normally moisture cure. This curing method works in its favour when large surface area’s need to be bonded and a moisture cure isn’t an option.

Many MS Polymers have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, which is important for indoor sign applications where air quality and emissions are a concern. They exhibit good resistance to various chemicals, including water, oils, and common cleaning agents, making them suitable for environments where chemical exposure may occur. MS Polymers are very easy to work with, they can be applied using standard caulking guns or adhesive dispensing equipment on and off site, on the go as needed.


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