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Park Graphics enjoys Mimaki print, cut and laminate package


Park Graphics' Garry Walshe (left) with the Waterford-based business' new Mimaki CJV300 purchased through Bernard Hoey of GMPI (right)
Park Graphics' Garry Walshe (left) with the Waterford-based business' new Mimaki CJV300 purchased through Bernard Hoey of GMPI (right)
Image of the front of the Park Graphics offices.
Formed in 2019, Park Graphics is located in Waterford, Ireland

When Waterford-based Park Graphics set about specifying print hardware for its ambitious start-up project, the team’s requirements were as big as their plans. “We needed a wide format printer that could give us the scope to grow, deliver a wide range of products to our customers and have the capacity to cope with large print runs,” recalled owner, Garry Walshe. “As a young business, we also wanted to hit the ground running, so another important factor was ensuring we had the right training and support from a partner.”

Settling on a system based around a Mimaki CJV300-160 and matching LA-160 laminator, Park Graphics invested in the kit through authorised Mimaki partner, GPMI. “I very quickly realised that the Mimaki would be a great base for a business,” continues Walshe. “It can produce such a wide variety of products – from fully printed vehicle graphics, to wall & floor wraps, to signs, banners and posters.”

Walshe is also quick to reference the important role that GPMI played in the investment. “The phenomenal service GPMI provided has made an incredible difference. They are on call whenever you have a question, need help with a certain job or just some additional training on all the different settings you can use!” he exudes. “Equally, the reliability of the Mimaki kit has been top class too.”

The Mimaki CJV300-160 is a 1.6m wide solvent printer/cutter with a formidable reputation in the sign and graphics sector. Capable of volume production it uses Mimaki’s SS21 wide colour gamut inks and prints at up to 1,440dpi. With a powered take-up roll it’s also capable of running unattended and with the business growing at a rapid rate, the production capacity of the CJV300 soon came to the fore at Park Graphics. “We’re able to plan our day around printing,” he says. “If you have a big job on, you can load the Mimaki up and even let it print through the night; you don’t have to sit over it and watch its every move, so it’s a top class machine in that sense,” recounts Walshe.

Bernard Hoy, sales executive at GPMI sees great opportunity ahead for Park Graphics. “The energy and enthusiasm that Garry and his young team possess is matched by their capacity to take on jobs from start to finish,” he says. “The breadth of work they’ve already installed is hugely impressive.”

In addition to delivering numerous vehicle graphics jobs, Park Graphics uses its Mimaki system for wide ranging work, from signs and banners right up to high end interior décor designs, with a kitchen recently fitted out with easy to maintain, mosaic-effect printed splashbacks and concrete-style door fronts. “In reality, we’ll take on almost anything,” says Walshe. “Our designers are as capable of delivering eye-catching sign and display graphics as they are cut out pink unicorn stickers!

With plenty on the cards for Park Graphics, the ambitious business is anticipating rapid expansion. “Although we’re a fairly young company, it feels like we’re already making a mark. Our passion is in delivering start to finish branding application services; we’ll take jobs from initial creative, through production and ultimately installing them, so our Mimaki print and finishing equipment plays a hugely important part in that,” concludes Walshe.


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