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Mid West Displays - lighting the way

A3 wall mounted light panelA4 Cable Light PanelA4 Light Panel
Mid West Displays launched a new range of exciting products at this year’s Sign & Digital UK Show and the panels were possibly the most frequently asked about product on the whole 10 metre stand.

"We have been developing these designs for the past six months and are very proud with what we have achieved and very pleased with the response we received at Sign & Digital UK. We are looking forward to seeing them in action up and down the country," explains Mark Newman, Managing Director.

Mid West Displays is confident that The Light Panels promise to be the next retail must have. They are lit using 12 volt LEDs, which are counter sunk into the panel itself, minimising the overall width of the panel. The width measures in at 14mm, making it one of the slimmest light panels on the market and the use of low voltage LEDs ensures that it won’t cost the earth to keep them running for a 24-hour span. The LEDs also have a minimum life expectancy of 60,000-100,000 hours, making them excellent value for money. The light panels come with a transformer, which connects straight to the mains electricity, the transformer and wires can then be hidden.

The panels use an intricate silk screened honey comb pattern that carries and diffuses the light evenly across the acrylic, lighting the whole graphic evenly and very brightly. The graphic or product information is simply inserted into the panel, just like a standard easy access pocket, it really couldn’t be more simple!

The initial range features three designs available as an A3 or A4 option and as Mid West Displays manufacture the panels in-house, they can ensure that only the highest quality acrylic, fittings and LEDs are used. Due to the panels being made in-house they are able to modify designs to suit a display requirement, be it a one off design or a bulk order.

The Standard Light Panel is designed to work on 1.5mm cables. It is exceptionally easy to assemble having standard cable centres. This means that if a cable kit is already present the Light Panels can simply be added to it and because there is no need to alter any of the existing cables it will save time and money, for the consumer.

The Standard Light Panels also work alongside the standard easy access pockets making it beneficial for a product of the week or its equivalent, as the light will really make it stand out in any window or retail display.

The Bevelled Edge Light Panel has a clear acrylic border finished with a bevelled edge, which illuminates and gives the appearance that the pocket is glowing. The cable centres required for these are slightly larger than the standard. This design, like the Standard Light Panel, works exceptionally well to advertise a certain product or service due to it being fully lit.

The Wall Mounted Light Panel is as the Bevelled Edge Light Panel but requires sign supports to mount it to a wall. This design is ideal for displaying notices and menus externally. They also make a very attractive display for internal posters or graphics.

The beauty with these light panels is that they can be used for almost any type of display in any type of window or office space.

For further information visit the website www.midwestdisplays.co.uk

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