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Gdi and the rise of the LED

Built up s/steel letters with fitted Gdi Trax rod connections. View from inside the window of the built up letters with not a cable in sight. View from outside glass, with LED illumination through Perspex letter face. Built up stainless steel letter in workshop
LED lighting is becoming ever more prevalent in signage, from LED trough lights to colour changing LEDs but the feedback we often get from our customers is that they understand technology is developing but "what does this mean for them?" Well at Gdi Trade Signs we develop components into systems which are easy to sell because of the obvious benefits enjoyed by the end user.

At Gdi we work tirelessly to bring the best signs we can to the market place, constantly reviewing production methods and developing ideas. A major part of our business is supplying LED illuminated letters. One issue often raised by customers is, "how do we hide the cable?"

The solution Gdi is offering the sign industry is Gdi TRAX
So what is new about Gdi Trax?

An innovative new system of transmitting power has been developed for LED illuminated built up letters called Gdi Trax which is basically a new way of delivering power to the individual built up letters. It uses a Gdi Trax rod system to feed the power to the letters, replacing unsightly cables with a 6mm dia s/steel Gdi Trax rod system. This system eliminates the need to use a sign tray to hide the wiring or threading the cable through the fabric of the building that the letters are mounted on.

The advantage of this is, firstly, that the wiring is not on view to the customer and secondly, it saves time and money as it speeds up the fitter's time on site and removes the cost of additional components such as trays. But the most amazing benefit of this system is that it means our customers can now fix built up LED face illuminated letters directly to glazing without the need to drill the glass. The finished look is not only very neat, it is absolutely stunning, giving a real 21st century solution to a 20th century problem.

Although the system has not been on the market long, a number of prestigious high street names in retail and leisure are now specifying this system, and having them installed to a number of sites throughout the UK. In times when it is important to stand out from the crowd, even some small independent businesses are specifying this style of sign.

How much does it cost?

It is surprisingly affordable, as you are reducing the cost of the materials and of course the time to install, whilst improving the final look. Prices are subject to specification. If you would like a quote for a current or forthcoming project, please call 0800 146008 or email sales@gdisigns.net. We will email a written quote back to you the same day or for more information visit www.gdisigns.net

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