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MeFace cuts revolutionary groove into signage industry, with ‘indestructible’ Anodised Aluminium Printing

As the perfect alternative to engraving, the company's anodised aluminium printing allows photo-quality images to be placed inside a metal surface and sealed with an extra-durable protective layer. Resistant to weather, fire and vandalism - the process is stamped by critics to be the most revolutionary signage and nameplate development to date.

Using the unique process of anodised aluminium printing, the company is able to transfer high-definition imagery directly onto a surface that is almost indestructible and resistant to weather, temperatures, fire and vandalism.

Meface printing on cards

"Anodised Aluminium has a protective aluminium oxide layer added using electrolysis. This process forms a hard anodised layer of Aluminium which offers superior heat, chemical and abrasion resistance. The anodised layer will accept pigments, integrating the graphics into the surface creating a superior nameplate or sign," says Victoria Titova, the company's Creative Director.

Continuing: "Photo quality images and graphics can then be printed into the unsealed oxide layer using colour dyes via special anodised aluminium printer. The printing pores are then closed in a fixation process, protecting the dyes from outside influences."

Aside from its immediate benefits, the final product is also fully-protected from mechanical abrasion (scratches), solvents and even graffiti - with foreign colour easily wiped off using any store-bought paint thinner.

Free samples available to all prospective customers, interested parties are urged to make contact with MeFace as soon as possible.

For more information please call 0203 290 9799 or visit the website www.meface.co.uk

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