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Matt protective laminate features bright colours and scratch resistance

All wooden room with EcoSoftTouch ASLAN SL 109

ASLAN has developed a high quality protective laminate with SoftTouch surface. The self-adhesive PP film is available in rolls of 50 m x 0.90 m and 50 m x 1.02 m.

The laminate has been specially developed for rollup and popup systems and optimised for the required widths.

The benefits of the matt EcoSoftTouch ASLAN SL 109 include its extremely brilliant colour reproduction of a printed product after finishing, as well as its scratch resistance. Its velvety touch results in a true look and feel product. Whereas with today’s applications, matt protective laminates tend to swallow up a part of the colour gamut, EcoSoftTouch ASLAN SL 109 has the opposite effect. Colours appear brighter and shinier following treatment with this product.

Naturally, the self-adhesive protective laminate can be used for applications other than displays. This environmentally friendly PP product can be used wherever colours should appear bright despite being treated with a matt laminate. This enables laminations of interiors as well as the creation of dummy packages.

The self-adhesive PP film has been designed for indoor use and is ideal for all protective applications of standard digital printing processes using solvent, ecosolvent, latex and water-based inks.


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