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New LED strips that flex and bend

strip of halo led bent around lit built up letter

HaloLEDs are launching a new product that they say may be unique in the UK. It is a flexible strip of 2835 SMD LEDs that has been produced in a certain way so it can bend in both directions. This makes it ideal for small built up letters with narrow stokes. These come in a 2mtr roll, are 12v and available in pure white. They are also for indoor use only, the outdoor version will be arriving soon.

The new flexible/bendable LED strips are a 'new and innovative' product that fixes a common problem in small to medium built up letters. All too often you get a spotting effect caused by light output from the modules every 80mm or so. Now using the bendable strips you can fit a continuous line of LEDs from along the whole centre line by gently bending the LEDs left and right achieving a 'beautifully illuminated' letter. With a good strong adhesive to the rear you can just peel and stick. Also as these are closer to the backing material than a module you also get a more consistent and even side illumination.

These LED strips are available as indoor only at the moment with waterproof strips available soon. Packaged in a handy 2mtr roll they are 12v, pure white and use 6 watts per metre. They will be offering demo rolls at one per customer at a special rate.


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