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ChalkMate PVC film

Text on chalkmate film in cafe

Drytac Europe recently announced the availability of ChalkMate™ 5 mil durable PVC film.

'Ideal' for restaurants and bars, office use, promotional applications and more, ChalkMate offers a traditional chalkboard finish that can be used with both standard chalk and liquid chalk markers. It can be cut into custom shapes and designs to create a unique chalkboard to meet almost any requirement.

Designed to be installed on most smooth surfaces, ChalkMate is available as either a black or a green film backed with a permanent, water-based, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. For optimised customisation, the film can also be printed on using most brands of UV printer.

Steve Broad, Sales Director for Drytac Europe, said: “ChalkMate is a great addition to our product portfolio. It is ideal for any individual or business wanting to quickly and simply install a lightweight chalkboard solution. It can be affixed to walls, cupboards, doors, advertising boards and virtually any other smooth surface you can think of.

“It also offers print service providers a potential new revenue stream by enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively create and deliver bespoke chalkboards for their end user customers.”


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