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Learn To Dream mixes technology and substrates to create stunning graphics

Pushing the boundaries of large format graphics production to create innovative effects has brought Ltd Limited to the attention of impressive clients such as HSBC, L'Oreal, Tate Britain, and Unilever.

When Sign Update visited the company's Bethnal Green facility in East London, Co-directors Craig Beecher's and Seymour Reeves' passion about what they have achieved in a relatively short space of time was obvious. Ltd is only six years young but Craig and Seymour have 20 years of experience and research into substrates, printing, finishing and installation behind them - and it shows.

The Ltd in Ltd Limited's name stands for Learn To Dream. Working closely with clients at the creative stage means that the Ltd team can inspire and influence the end result; it's this inventiveness that has attracted blue chip clients.

The company has a reputation for experimenting with the printers and materials they use to produce fantastic results for retailers, galleries, exhibitions, and interiors. In the few months since they invested in a 64in Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 solvent printer they have used many different media to produce stunning interior graphics to create high-impact and dynamic work environments.

Consistent and quality results are paramount in the demanding and fast growing world of interior graphics. Seymour has used Epson printers for many years and the reliability of Epson engineering was an important element behind the decision to buy the GS6000.

Craig and Seymour believe they have developed the most comprehensive range of substrates available and it's this extensive knowledge of media and substrates that has allowed the company to create effects that are unique to Ltd.

View more of LTD's work at www.ltdltd.com or telephone 0845 456 4031 for further information.

A room with graphics all over the walls.

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