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GDI takes the initiative

GDI Trade Signs Logo Gdi has just launched a revamped website at www.gdisigns.net with a fresh new logo. The new-look website is more user-friendly than the previous site and is built with the modern signmaker in mind, keeping navigation simple while providing lots of critical information from the sign industry and practical advice for small and medium sized sign companies.

Especially useful for busy signmakers is the new quote system, where they can obtain quick and accurate prices within 24 hours for a selection of architectural lettering and signs or services such as CNC routing and laser profiling.

A shop front in the dark featuring illuminated colour changing signage.Another new initiative at Gdi is a partnership programme aimed at working with signmakers more closely.

The more business placed throughout the year the higher the "kick back" payment a customer will receive. For example, a spend of £25k over the year will result in a £2,100 return for their loyalty, if they were to spend £40k the return would be £4,000. Gdi customers don't need to sign up to anything to be included in the programme, they are automatically included as business is placed. The initiative is being facilitated by a UK tour to existing and prospective customers throughout 2009.

Damien Pestell, Sales & Marketing Manager, explains: "We want to move from being just a supplier giving prices and products, to adding value which will help our clients win more business".

"At GDI we can use our expertise to help small and medium sized signmaking firms tender more successfully, so they win more of the business they pitch for.

"These days it seems no one goes out and sees anyone anymore, we all just exchange emails. Personally visiting the trade is a more human approach and a bit of a return to basics. I'm finding it really interesting and it's been valuable in seeing exactly how we can work together more successfully," says Damien.

See the new website now at www.gdisigns.net or freephone 0800 146008 to book a meeting.

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