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Keencut continues its design and product development programme for 2009

Textile cutter cutting thin fabric. For 2009 Keencut Ltd the English manufacturer of wide format cutter bars has introduced a new 3.3 metre model, a new Javelin Xtra range and a new Twist & Lift stand. Featuring distinctive gold end frames and an additional 10cm cutting length on each of the six models, the Javelin Xtra provides the most compact and least expensive option when new material sizes just exceed the original Javelin cutting lengths.

The new Keencut Javelin Xtra and Javelin models share the same prices and according to Keencut, the distinction of being the only cutter bars in the world that are adjusted by laser to a guaranteed straightness of 0.2 mm (1:15000) along their full length. Essential for precisely cutting pop-ups and other connecting artwork, the extreme accuracy is equivalent to the thickness of a pencil over the length of a 105 metre football pitch.

Range of cutter bars.For applications where the Javelin Xtra is used independently, a pair of retracting Twist & Lift stands are now included as standard at no extra cost. The stands eliminate the need to store the cutter bar when not in use by providing a safe and convenient way of suspending it above the work surface allowing materials to pass through without obstruction. For permanent installations the optional surface mounted Lift & Hold systems provide a rigid locator and a more advanced and economical alternative, while the Keencut Big Bench creates a complete cutting work-station.


As befits a precision instrument all Keencut cutter bars up to five metres cutting length are packed and transported in purpose built wooden boxes that can be used for safe storage for the life of the machine. Keencut Limited have also launched a new Textile Cutter that will attach to all past and current models of the popular Javelin, Practik, Max and Sabre cutter bars. Designed to cut strong thin flexible materials such as flag, foil and even traditional woven papers that are difficult to cut with a utility blade the Textile Cutter cuts cleanly and precisely using an inexpensive razor sharp circular blade.

Owing to the rolling action of the blade with the guaranteed straightness and firm clamping of the cutter bars with their silicon grip strips, Keencut says that there is no other manual cutting method for textile that offers such a clean and straight cut up to 5 metres in length.

For further information visit www.keencut.com

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