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Bright Green Matrix - the quick and easy-to-fit LED lighting solution for large signs

Bright Green Matrix LED systemBright Green Matrix™ is an LED backlight system designed to illuminate large format signs and billboards in retail, commercial and advertising environments; it is equally suited to retrofitting into existing boxes or incorporating into new designs. A patent pending suspended array of LEDs is used to increase or decrease the light output, in line with the performance and budget requirements of the project.

Bright Green Matrix offers a real alternative to fluorescent tubes, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%, eliminating planned maintenance costs and producing evenly lit graphics without the ‘zebra' striping often associated with tubes.

Supplied in three standard lengths, 625mm, 1250mm and 1875mm, each Bright Green Matrix has high powered LEDs spaced at 125mm intervals along its length. The LEDs are housed in robust aluminium sections which serve to protect the lighting components, help dissipate heat and provide a rigid profile which can be easily fitted into existing or new light box housings. Each length is supplied with connection cables and the LEDs are coated for external use.

Bright Green Matrix illumination system is available directly from the Robert Horne Group (telephone 01604 495333 for nearest branch location) or for further information on Bright Green visit www.brightgreentechnology.com

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