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ITC extends Clearcut series

ITC Clearcut SeriesThe unparalleled success of ITC's range of Clearcut single flute routing cutters for the sign making industry, now sees the series extended to incorporate three stub-cut additions to further improve rigidity and surface finishes of the range. The solid carbide single flute routers with an upward spiral are regarded as the industry benchmark and the new additions will enhance performance and improve the productivity capabilities of the already market leading series.

The Clearcut series has been developed to provide an exceptional surface finish on Perspex and acrylic materials as well as Foamex and similar materials. The cutters are renowned for drastically reducing or even eliminating flame polishing and hand finishing operations that can prove costly and time consuming. The micrograin carbide cutters are currently available in 3, 4, 5 and 6mm diameters with each diameter having a variety of cutting lengths available. Despite the reduced length of cut, the new additions improve rigidity and reduce vibration, two contributing factors to improving surface finishes and productivity levels.

Productivity is enhanced by the cutters' ability to run and higher feeds and speeds, credit to the reduced length of cut. The new additions enable customers to select either a shorter length of cut for improved productivity and surface finish or a longer cutting length for flexibility and the accommodation of increased material thickness machining. The new additions now see the 3mm diameter cutter with its 8 and 11mm length of cut extended to incorporate a 6mm cutting length. The same cutting length is added to the 11 and 15mm lengths on the 4mm diameter cutter and the popular 6mm diameter cutter now has a 14mm length of cut that is offered alongside the existing 21 and 26mm variations.

With highly polished flutes machined to extremely tight tolerances, ITC recommends that customers use the cutters on well maintained machines and cut in an anti-clockwise direction using minimum amount lubrication techniques to achieve the best results possible.

For further information on the three new additions or for specifications on additional tooling products, please telephone ITC on 01827 304500 or visit www.itc-ltd.co.uk

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