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New products and fresh inspiration from Insight

Highlight Eco-Star, designed to provide powerful but economical illumination. Insight Sign Systems has pulled all stops out this year with the introduction of many new and modified products, brand new plant and machinery, an additional exhibition and a fresh brochure.

To start with, the company spent the last 12 months assessing the way the sign business is changing. Richard Rinn, Managing Director, explains: "As we all know, our trade is never slow on the uptake of new products and technology, but at Insight we're not the type that just jumps on the bandwagon and mindlessly follows the very latest trends. We watch all the hype that goes on with the likes of digital printers, edge lighting, LEDs, and we spend a lot research and development time to design products that actually perform as they should. We also looked hard at how designers for large blue-chip retailers have reverted to bespoke signs rather than just using standard extrusions, materials and digital printing."

The assessment proved very interesting and demonstrated that the cost of machinery associated with creating such bespoke signs almost eliminated small sign companies from competing. Insight believes that incorporating bespoke with standard extrusions will keep costs at a sensible level and ensure uniformly high quality, which is of real benefit to the trade.

To further aid production the company invested in the very latest CNC draw and form metalwork equipment. This means many profile shapes can now be created that could previously only be extruded, anything from just a simple sign tray to a complex radius fascia. And, instead of paying for tooling charges and waiting up to eight weeks for extrusions, now Insight can simply draw the shape required and this new machine will form it out of various materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and similar, up to 3mm thick.

This capability, combined with the company's vast range of extrusions and array of CNC routers, powder coating plant and other equipment, makes it easy to realise why Insight is able to produce some fantastic products.

Insight Sign Systems' new brand 'Lumirescent'. But what about new lines from Insight?

Richard continues: "Our very own new brand is named Lumirescent. We've started to produce exciting and original extrusions around it; for example Highlight Eco-Star, which is completely new including its fixing brackets. This lighting offers the same performance as others using fluorescent lamps, but consumes only 3w per linear foot, and with a life up to 50,000 hours, the benefits are obvious."

Spectra Halo-Light, again designed around Lumirescent, is also brand new. It's an illuminated quick change poster frame with an exclusive feature of a rear border of light round the perimeter, creating a halo effect and making the poster stand out in the crowd.

Insight's newly launched Post & Panel system, Wayfinder Multi-Post, is a replacement for its 10 year old Wayfinder 76 & 100mm posts that in total had eight individual extrusions. These are now replaced with just two.

To view the full range of new and existing Insight products and their benefits, go to www.insightsignsystems.com or tel. 0141 774 5990.

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