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Indasol UHB-9120G Channel Fixing Tape - Indasol fixes it for its customers

Indasol UHB-9120G Channel Fixing Tape being applied with a roller Indasol have been listening to what their customers need and one of the main things has been a cost effective reliable Channel Fixing Tape that works in all conditions.

So here it is, the Indasol UHB-9120G Channel Fixing Tape. This product is grey in colour so blends in nicely with powder coated panels and at 1.1mm thick can cope with bonding to plastics as well as metals. It is applied as you would any high bonding tape and offers instant grab especially onto cold surfaces and if used with the Indasol SP250 cleaner and primer, the bond is improved even more.

Indasol offer a full range of sign fixing tapes and adhesives and supply throughout the UK.

For further information, samples or a visit, please contact Indasol at enquiry@indasol.co.uk, visit their website by clicking on the logo below or call 02476 540909.

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